Essential Things to Observe When Sending Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards is a tradition from many years ago, and even with fewer people sending snail mails, this tradition is still observed by most people. After you have selected designs and photos for great christmas cards for various dear ones, placed the order, and finally received them, it is such fun to sit down and jot personal messages on the cards and then envelope them ready for mailing.

Although sending cards for Christmas is a simple task, it would be best to remember some things not to spoil the joy as you share love and happiness with all you have on your list. Below are some helpful tips to ensure the best intention you have when sending the cards is not messed with.

Identify the Card to Go To Each Recipient

send right card to the right personOne of the biggest blunders you could make is sending someone a card, yet they do not celebrate the holiday. It would be best to have a system to help you know who to send to and who not send to. You should also have a list of those who are to receive more personalized cards and who should not. For example, family members are best suited to get cards with personalized messages while business associates, colleagues, and others could do well with available cards. The idea here is to ensure each card is appropriate for the recipient.

Send Cards for Business Associates to Their Office

send business associates' cards to officeIt would be best to avoid sending Christmas cards to business associates’ houses because it comes out as inappropriate. You should also not send family photo cards or newsletters to business associates but only send them general cards. The two things apply so long as you do not interact socially with them, in which cases you need to keep the whole idea of sending them greetings cards very professional.

However, it is appropriate to send co-workers Christmas cards to their homes, assuming you know them well and have their addresses. Sending to their houses adds a personal touch to the whole thing and avoids some colleagues taking offense if you do not have cards for them.

Return the Favor

return favorWhen sending cards, always be careful to ensure you send those with whom you exchange cards each holiday. Also, take note of those who do not return the favor several times. Even if it is a good gesture to send them Christmas and other holiday cards, you may have to consider not sending them. Perhaps, by not responding, they mean they do not exchange greetings in such ways, are not interested in getting such cards, or changed address, and the cards never reach them.