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Guide to Buying School Shoes

Kids spend a huge part of their days in school shoes. They have them during break time, class, lunchtime, and even when they get social on the field. Therefore, parents must invest in comfortable shoes for their kids. You also need to pay attention to the aspect of durability. Good shoes should be able to hold up against anything thrown to them. Here are some important parameters to consider when it comes to buying school shoes.


girls school shoes Kid’s feet are usually sensitive and generally not fully formed until they attain maturity. Therefore, wearing ill-fitting school shoes can take a toll on your kid’s feet and cause some damage. Besides just looking at the size, you also need to pay attention to the feet’ shape to ensure that you buy the right shoe.


Comfort is key when shopping for a school shoe. Considering that kids spend most of their time in them, you need to ensure that any shoe their wear offers maximum comfort. The best way to assess any given shoe’s comfort is to have them test the comfort by wearing it and walking. A comfortable shoe will not limit them from moving naturally.


Leather stands out as the best material for kid’s school shoes. This is attributed to the fact that it is breathable, durable, and can be repaired. While some schools might allow kids to wear shoes made using other materials such as canvas, leather materials stand out in many ways. On the other hand, canvas shoes should be your go option if you need to buy them something breathable and machine washable.


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Most schools have clear guidelines about the nature of shoes that kids are allowed to wear. Some schools might only allow back leather shoes, while others might get easy and allow boots and canvas. Therefore, parents also need to pay attention to the school’s policy on shoes.

Parents must pay attention to these parameters when shopping for school shoes for their kids. While young kids might wear anything given to them, their older counterparts tend to be choosy when it comes to style. Therefore, you might consider involving your child when buying a shoe to ensure you have something that they will feel comfortable and happy wearing.…